Teach Your Kids To Count in Spanish – Counting to 20 with Ready For Spanish!

Hola friends,

This week, we have a fantastic resource to share with you that will help your kids practice counting in Spanish. Are you ready?

Counting to 10 is lots of fun, but this week we’re taking it a step further and learning numbers up to 20. Yes, you heard that right – twenty!

A fun way to learn to count to 20 in Spanish is by checking out the songs on this week’s playlist above. Music is a fantastic tool for language learning so be sure to play these songs over and over. Sing along and your kids will be counting effortlessly in Spanish in no time.

But that’s not all! We have a special treat for you. Our counting to 20 flashcards are on sale this week. These printable flashcards will make learning and practicing your numbers even more engaging. You can use them at home, in school, or even during playtime.

Get your Flashcards Here

Now, how about turning learning into a game?

You can play the songs from the playlist in your classrooms, in the car, or wherever you like to have some fun. For example, try playing a good ol’ game of musical chairs. Count the number of chairs still in or Count the number of players that are out. It’s an interactive and exciting way to reinforce your counting skills.

You can also use your new skills to count objects around you. Whether you’re at the playground or at home, challenge yourself to count the swings, trees, or toys. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you become a pro at counting in Spanish!

Learning Spanish can be an adventure that extends beyond the classroom. It’s all about exploring, practicing, and having fun with the language.

So, Click Here to grab your Ready For Spanish Counting flashcards, sing along to the songs above, and let the world of numbers in Spanish come alive!

Happy counting!


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