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Parents, simply click below to choose a membership level for your child, then log in around your family’s schedule to access your child’s Ready For Spanish lessons.  

What’s Included with my family’s membership?

Ready For Spanish Kids Club members receive exclusive Spanish lessons, activities, and access to our  bookstore and Facebook community.  Upgrade to Kids Club Plus for everything in Kids Club PLUS unlock hundreds of kids lessons, activities, music, books and more to help your child reach their Spanish speaking goals inside our on-demand library of Spanish lessons. 

Your Ready For Spanish Memberships Include:

Official Kids Club Membership Welcome Badge and materials

All Kids Club Members will receive  an Official Kids Club Membership Badge to welcome your learner to Ready For Spanish.  Parent will also receive a welcome guide with tips and tools to support your learners. 

Kids Club Plus members will receive an exclusive Ready For Spanish decoder wheel to create and reveal Spanish messages with their friends.

Kids Club: Access to a Monthly Spanish lesson, Printable, Kids Club Bookstore, Facebook Community

Each month Ready For Spanish Kids Club members will receive access to one Ready For Spanish lesson and printable activity that you can access around your family’s schedule. 

We  recommend viewing the lesson and activity at least once each week and require members to log in at least once each month to maintain their membership. 

In addition to our free lessons, parents also have access to our Kids Club bookstore and our Kids Club families Facebook community for support, tips, tools and resources.  

Upgrade to Kids Club Plus for access to Everything from Kids Club Plus Much Much More

Your Kids Club PLUS Membership includes access to everything from Kids Club – PLUS 24/7 on demand access to:

  • Ready To Speak Spanish which includes 3 levels of Spanish (Spanish Beginnings, Vocabulary Blast, and Conversation Kids that take your child from beginner to advanced speaker)
  • Bi-lingual and Immersion Video lessons to engage learners of all levels and different interests including our Spanish Art lessons, Vocabulary, Kids Club Karaoke, Rhymes and Games
  • Exclusive Kids Club Plus flashcards, printables, and activities that keep kids engaged and learning. 
  • (Enroll today, Limited spots available)
Kids Club Plus: Bonus Lessons For the Entire Family

Kids Club Plus Families receive exclusive access to our Bi-lingual Spanish Together Series.  Spanish Together is a series of bi-lingual Spanish lessons that introduce you to Spanish through music and movement.  The class is taught by our award winning teacher Rachel Rodriguez, creator of Songs for My Little Amigos.  This class is perfect for families of all ages including babies. 

Kids Club Plus Channel

The Kids Club Plus Channel is available 24/7 for Kids Club Plus Members.  Each week, Kids Club Plus families can tune in to a new Spanish lesson and printable activity.  Kids Club Plus families also have access to past Kids Club Plus titles.

Kids Club Plus: Unlimited Access To Our Kids Club Plus Library

When you upgrade to Kids Club Plus you will have unlimited access to all the digital titles from our Kids Club bookstore included with your membership PLUS exclusive music, books, flashcards, printables and more exclusively for Kids Club Plus families.

Who is kids club For?

“Ready For Spanish Kids Club is for you if you have children ages 0 -12 and you've been looking for a fun way to expose them to quality, engaging Spanish language instruction around your family's schedule.”

Children have an innate ability for learning languages.

Here at ready for spanish, We make introducing your child to spanish super easy, affordable and convenient

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(We only have a limited number of Kids club plus spots available & Once we have reached capacity, your family will be placed on our waitlist, Thanks for understanding)


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(Free On Demand Access to one monthly Ready For Spanish lesson and printable for all the children in your household.

Your Kids Club Membership is always FREE and includes access to one monthly Ready For Spanish printable and video lesson for your child.  Parents also receive access to our Facebook community for tips, tools, and resources to support your learner(s).  

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(Everything from Kids Club PLUS Unlock unlimited Ready For Spanish learning videos & activities for all the children in your household for as long as you're a member)

Upgrade to Kids Club Plus to unlock exclusive Spanish lessons that will take your child from Beginner to Advanced.  Get exclusive invitations and unlimited on-demand access to the entire Kids Club Plus video and activities library.

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Is my child too young to learn?

No way.  The earlier the better.  Children learn languages naturally.  The younger you expose them, the more likely they are to develop native pronunciation and fluency as well as gain insight and appreciation for language and culture.  Unlike adults they won’t have to struggle through pronunciation and grammar drills, they are more likely to acquire Spanish language skills naturally.

What are the benefits of Ready For Spanish Kids Club?

Children who are exposed to a second language early often have increased cognitive, creative and problem solving skills.  Children who study Spanish often perform higher on standardized tests in reading and math than children who do not.

What do I need to do before class?

Before you access the program, be sure to find a quiet place and turn off all distractions, giving full attention to the program. Children who are most successful have a consistent designated time throughout the week that they set aside to learn and practice Spanish.

The great thing about Kids Club is you can access the lessons around your family’s schedule at a time that is convenient for you.

What is the difference between Kids Club and Kids Club Plus

Here at Ready For Spanish we believe all children should have access to quality foreign language instruction which is why we created a membership that is absolutely FREE.

Kids Club families can enjoy a Ready For Spanish lesson and activity each month that introduces them to Spanish.

Parents can upgrade to Kids Club Plus to unlock our Ready To Speak Spanish series which includes 3 levels of Spanish (Spanish Beginnings, Vocabulary Blast, and Conversation Kids that take your child from beginner to advanced speaker) as well as 24/7 on demand lessons and activities including bi-lingual, immersion videos and our Bonus Spanish together class series for families.

Both Kids Club & Kids Club Plus are family memberships and include access for all children in your household through age 12.

We do have limited spots available for Kids Club Plus, so be sure to upgrade your family’s membership today.  For additional questions email our support team at support@readyforspanish.com

What days and times are the classes?

¡Buena Pregunta! Both memberships include 24/7 on demand access.  The biggest differences are Kids Club members only have access to only one lesson a month.  Parents do have access to the titles in our Kids Club Plus Bookstore and our Kids Club Families Facebook Group.

Kids Club Plus members receive new lessons and activities each week, have unlimited 24/7 on demand access to all past Spanish lessons and activities plus a video library of additional children’s classes for learners of all levels.  Also all of the titles in our Kids Club Bookstore are included with your membership.  You can download them inside the Kids Club Plus library.

Do you have a physical location?

Ready For Spanish began in 2010 as a local Spanish program in Nashville, TN.  Since then we have expanded into an international online Spanish program in order to serve more families (¡Super Cool!)

Local families who’d like to take advantage of our amazing Spanish classes for children are encouraged to enroll in our online kids club.

What happens once my child turns 12?

Once your child turns 12 they will graduate from our program.  We can’t wait to celebrate your child and all that they’ve accomplished while in our program.  Be on the lookout for tips and tools to support your child as they continue to learn, study and practice beyond age 12.

Do you offer adult classes?

Ready For Spanish (this website) is specifically for child learners.  If you are interested in step by step classes for adults, be sure to check out our sister site https://www.onlinespanishchallenge.com

Where do your classes meet?

All of our classes are 100% online.  Once you enroll, you will receive an email with your family’s log in details.  

What materials does my child need?

Your child needs an electronic device (computer, tablet, pc) with internet access.  Simply log into our site with your family’s log – in information.  You can find additional resources and products in our online bookstore.  The digital resources in our bookstore are included with the Kids Club Plus membership.  We will also recommend additional tools and materials to help your child, but these are only suggestions (not requirements).

Is your online forum safe for kids?

Our online community is a wonderful place to learn Spanish.  We must all work together to ensure the safety of our kids online.  We will do our part to keep your kids safe online.  Cyberbullying, harassment, inappropriate language or behavior is never allowed or tolerated. If you see any inappropriate activity please report it right away.  If your child is caught engaging in these activities they will be dismissed from the program.  Be sure to talk to your kids about online safety and let us know right away if you see anything suspicious or inappropriate.

What happens if I need to cancel?

¡Que triste! We’d hate to see you go but canceling your family membership is easy.  All you need to do is click the cancel membership button inside your account dashboard or email our support team support@readyforspanish.com

Will I receive anything in the mail?

Our Spanish classes are fully online.  Everything you need is online inside your family’s dashboard, which you’ll get access to as soon as you enroll.

Will the membership price ever go up?

Great question.  When you sign up, you lock in the price you signed up with for as long as you’re a member.  The price is the lowest it will ever be and we are adding bonus content all the time so price is likely to increase.  However, if you’ve already signed up, your price is locked in.  If you cancel and re-enroll you will have to sign up at the new price.