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What’s Included with your Family’s membership?

Your Ready For Spanish membership unlocks step by step Spanish video lessons, activities, printables, music, and more to introduce your children learn Spanish.  Each family membership includes access for all the members of your household.  That means one price per family, not per student!

Your Family’s Membership Includes:

Instant access to our entire virtual library of Family Spanish Lessons & Activities

Your family’s Membership includes 24/7 on demand access to:

  • 100 + Video Spanish lessons that your family will love
  • Step-by-step Spanish learning videos for all levels (Perfect for families with children ages 0 -12)
  • Exciting and engaging Spanish learning activities
  • Music, printables, flashcards, and everything you need to make Spanish learning fun and easy for the whole family.
Weekly Themed Lessons & Activities

Complete your Family’s Lessons with us in real time.  Each week you’ll receive guided lessons and support from the Ready For Spanish team, with access to:

  • Bilingual and Immersive Spanish lessons that build vocabulary and fluency
  • Spanish Games, Flashcards, books and sing-a-longs that reinforce each week’s lessons.
Family Spanish Together Series

Learn Spanish with your child inside our Spanish Together series.  These lessons introduce your family to Spanish through music and movement.  The class is taught by our award winning teacher Rachel Rodriguez, creator of Songs for My Little Amigos.  This intro class series is the perfect introduction to Spanish for families of all ages (from babies to grandparents).

What are the benefits of learning spanish Together as a family?

“Learning Spanish together increases bonding and is an awesome way to spend time together engaging in interactive learning activities. Family interaction and support increases both you and your child's ability to learn and speak Spanish fluently. Learning Spanish as a family prepares you for travel, academic and global language success.”

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Monthly Family Membership


$29 auto-billed monthly until you cancel

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Includes Monthly Access to Ready For Spanish for all members of your household for as long as you’re a member. Price is per family, not per student!

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Annual Family Membership


$299 auto-billed annually until you cancel

Save 15% with an annual membership

Enroll with an annual membership and Save on an entire year of Ready For Spanish for all members of your household. Price is per family, not per student!

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Lifetime Access (Pay once & Learn Forever!)


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Enroll today with lifetime access (best offer) and gain: 24/7 access to the Ready For Spanish Family Membership Forever! Price is per family, not per student!

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Need a Ready For Spanish License For Your School? Visit readyforspanish.com/license to learn more.

Is my child too young to learn Spanish?

No way.  The younger the better.  Children learn languages easily and naturally.  The younger you expose them, the better the opportunity to develop native pronunciation and fluency as well as gain insight and appreciation for language and culture.  Unlike adults they won’t have to struggle through pronunciation and grammar drills, they are more likely to acquire Spanish language skills naturally.

What are the benefits of Ready For Spanish?

Children who are exposed to a second language early often have increased cognitive, creative and problem solving skills.  Children who study Spanish often perform higher on standardized tests in reading and math than children who do not.  Learning Spanish as a family increases engagement and success.

What do I need to do before each class?

Before you access the program, be sure to find a quiet place and turn off all distractions, giving full attention to the program. Families who are most successful have a consistent designated time throughout the week that they set aside to learn and practice Spanish together.

The great thing about Ready For Spanish is you can access the lessons around your family’s schedule at a time that is convenient for you.

What days and times are the classes?

¡Muy buena Pregunta! All of our lessons are pre-recorded so you can access them whenever it is convenient for you.

Our families who are most successful have a dedicated time each day or week to learn Spanish inside your family’s dashboard.

Do you have a physical location?

Ready For Spanish began in 2010 as a local Spanish program in Nashville, TN.  Since then we have expanded into an international online Spanish program in order to serve more families (¡Super Cool!)

Local families who’d like to take advantage of our amazing Spanish classes for children and families are encouraged to enroll in our online membership.

Where do your classes meet?

All of our classes are 100% online.  Once you enroll, you will receive an email with your family’s log in details.

Do you offer 1 on 1 lessons?

We do not offer 1 on 1 private lessons here at Ready For Spanish.  We do recommend Italki for affordable 1 on 1 Spanish lessons with a native speaker.  Click here to use our referral code to get $10 toward your first lesson.

Do you offer adult classes?

Ready For Spanish (this website) is specifically for families with children that want to learn Spanish together.  If you are interested in step by step classes for adults, be sure to check out our sister site https://www.onlinespanishchallenge.com

I recommend beginning with the 5 Day Challenge that teaches adults to actually SPEAK your first 100 Spanish words in only 5 short days.  Click here to start.  

What materials do we need?

You will need an electronic device (computer, tablet, pc) with internet access.  We also recommend a printer so that you can easily print the downloads and printables that are included with your family’s membership.

Is your online forum safe for kids?

Our online community is a wonderful place to learn Spanish.  We must all work together to ensure the safety of our kids online.  We will do our part to keep your kids safe online.  Cyberbullying, harassment, inappropriate language or behavior is never allowed or tolerated. If you see any inappropriate activity please report it right away.  If anyone in your family is caught engaging in these activities they will be dismissed from the program (without a refund).  Be sure to talk to your kids about online safety and let us know right away if you see anything suspicious or inappropriate.

What happens if I need to cancel?

¡Que triste! We’d hate to see you go.  Canceling your family’s membership is easy.  All you need to do is click the cancel membership button inside your account dashboard.  No questions asked!  You can also email our support team support@readyforspanish.com.  Keep in mind we do not issue refunds.  If you email us to cancel be sure  to send your request at least 3 days before your renewal date.

Can I receive a refund?

Due to the digital nature of the program, membership plans are non-refundable.  When you cancel your family’s membership, your access will end at the end of your current period and will not renew.

Will I receive anything in the mail?

Our Spanish classes are completely online.  Everything you need is online inside your family’s dashboard, which you’ll get access to as soon as you enroll.

Will the membership price ever go up?

Great question.  When you sign up, you lock in the price you signed up with for as long as you’re a member.  The price is the lowest it will ever be and we are adding bonus content all the time so the price is likely to increase.  However, if you’ve already signed up, your price is locked in.  If you cancel and re-enroll you will have to sign up with the current pricing structure.