How We’re Celebrating 100 Days of School

Each year here at Ready For Spanish we celebrate 100 Days of School.  It is our way of congratulating all of you (our students, families and teachers) for all your hard work and dedication you have put in learning Spanish with us.

In celebration of 100 Days of School, we are working on counting to 100 in a fun and interactive way. We use games, songs and rhymes to make the learning experience more engaging and memorable. 

Knowing how to count to 100 in Spanish is an essential skill for anyone who is learning the language. Not only does it give a basic foundation for understanding numbers and basic math concepts, but it also lays the foundation for more complex language skills such as telling time, making change, and understanding prices.

Mastering numbers in Spanish is also important for developing basic communication skills. Being able to count to 100 in Spanish will learners understand and participate in basic conversations about everyday topics such as shopping, giving directions, and telling time.

Counting to 100 in Spanish can also help students to develop their memory and concentration skills. Learning numbers in Spanish can be challenging, but with practice, students will be able to remember them more easily.

Our 100 Days of School Activities include 2 video lessons, a counting story, flashcards, sing-a-long and printables.  Not a member yet?  Click here to start learning Spanish with your family today!


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