Which classes are best for my child?

If you’re new to Ready For Spanish, you may feel lost about which classes are best for your child.  We have so many classes and it may seem overwhelming at first to wrap your mind around which classes to try, which ones you want and which ones you need.

To be perfectly honest there is no right or wrong way to do this.  My suggestion is to pick at least one class to watch live each week and devote at least 30 minutes to an additional class.

Here’s an overview of the classes:


11:30 – Morning meetings with Maestra – This is a bi-lingual class, perfect for all ages.  Maestra teaches Spanish conversation using the Ready For Spanish teaching method.  She also kicks off our week with announcements and celebrations.

A las

2p Señora Monica will guide you through a mindful meditation in our 100% immersive Spanish yoga class.  Students can follow along with the poses as well as develop Spanish listening and speaking skills.  This class is taught by a native speaker and is perfect for kinesthetic learners of all ages and levels.


at 7p is our Secret Spanish Society – This is a class for older students.  7 – 12 year olds will get the most from this bi-lingual vocabulary building class.  Students will use their secret decoder wheel (included in welcome kit) to reveal a secret Spanish message from Maestra.  Students will master the Spanish alphabet, Spanish numbers and will build and expand on their Spanish vocabulary.  Students will use the Spanish they know to create and decode Spanish messages using their Secret Spanish society decoder wheel.  For additional practice be sure to Click Here to grab your Secret Spanish Society Notebook from our online bookstore.


at 11:30a is our Spanish immersion story time with Maestra.  Vamos a leer un cuento.  This class is completely in Spanish and helps develop Spanish listening, comprehension and literacy skills.  This class also builds upon the Spanish Maestra teaches in her bi-lingual classes.  This class is perfect for learners of all ages and levels.

1:30 – Join Maestra for an afternoon snack each and every Wednesday at 1:30.  This is an awesome class to practice listening and speaking in a quick class with a snack.  This is a bi-lingual class perfect for beginner and intermediate learners of all ages.

4:30 – Get moving with Señora Rachel in our weekly Music & Movement class.  This is a bi-lingual class that will get your entire family excited about Spanish.  For added practice, be sure to grab your copy of Señora Rachel’s bi-lingual learning cd from our bookstore “Songs For My Little Amigos.”  Remember, Kids Club Members have a special discount code to use in our online store.  This is a fun class for everyone, but is perfect for music lovers, aural and kinesthetic learners.  This is also the perfect class for parents and children to study and learn Spanish together.

7p – Is our parent support live from the Ready For Spanish facebook page.  If you have questions about the program you can get them answered in real time along with tips and tools to support your child on their language learning journey.


class meets at 7p – Welcome to the world of toys with Señora Jugadora.  What will those toys get into today?  Bring your toys to play.  This is an immersive Spanish class that activates children’s Spanish listening, speaking and comprehensive skills through play.

Saturday mornings at 10a – Learn and practice Spanish with Señor Ronnie in this beach themed Spanish class to learn and practice Spanish conversation.

Families who have the most success with the program make Spanish a priority.  They schedule at least 30 minutes per week to attend at least 2 Live classes or a replays. We are always adding new and exciting classes so be sure to check the schedule often.






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