Which classes are best for my child?

If you’re new here at Ready For Spanish, you may have some serious questions about which classes are best for your child.

We have a lot of classes and it may seem overwhelming at first to wrap your mind around which classes to try, which ones you want and which ones you need.

Kids Club families are exposed to a variety of  classes from our Kids Club Plus channel each afternoon from 4p – 6p.  Throughout the school year Kids Club students will be exposed to all of our classes,

Kids Club Plus families have even more on demand options. Families can choose from hundreds of classes to explore with your niños.

We recommend Parents and children ages 0 – 3 take our Spanish together class (This is our bi-lingual music and movement class with our award winning Señora Rachel).  This is a fun class that introduces children to Spanish using music and movement.  This class is actually perfect for all ages.  Kids Club Plus families can download Señora Rachel’s music cd from inside our Kids Club Plus library  (Kids Club Families can purchase it here from our Kids Club bookstore)

We highly encourage parents of children ages 0 – 3 to introduce your children to our Spanish immersion classes during personal exploring time.  Our families who are most successful set aside 10 minutes each day to allow their children to freely explore our Spanish program.  We call this time S.E.T. Spanish exploring time.  Since children 3 and under may need more help navigating the program, parents can choose immersion classes for your children.

Children at least 3 years of age can begin with our Spanish beginnings program.  This class teaches your child fundamental Spanish skills.  Children at this level can continue to take our Spanish Together classes as well as at least 10 S.E.T minutes each day.

Once your child has completed our Spanish beginnings program, they continue to our Vocabulary Blast series.  In this class students will build their vocabulary to over 400 Spanish words.  Students at this level should still participate in at least 10 S.E.T minutes each day.

Our final level is Conversation Kids.  Conversation Kids is for advanced students who have a working Spanish vocabulary of at least 400 Spanish words.  Conversation Kids will be released Winter 2019.  Until then Kids Club Plus students can attend our Spanish immersion classes:

La caja de sorpresas or Kids Club Artistas

That’s our active learning program.  We also have fun classes and activities for your learner to explore each day.  Allow your child to watch the programs they like and push them to explore our immersion classes.

Kids Club families who have the most success show up each day.  Kids Club Plus families who have the most success carve out a day and time to dedicate to active learning classes and at least 10 minutes each day of S.E.T (Spanish exploring time).


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