Ready For Spanish is the #1 ONLINE language program for children.  We also teach adult learners online with our simple step by step Online Spanish Challenges.  We have been expanding our programs and sharing our love of the Spanish language with learners all over the world for nearly a decade.

Our goal is to help 10,000 students learn more Spanish this year.  

So we created this 5 Day online Spanish challenge to help beginning adult Spanish language learners develop a strong foundation, quickly build their vocabulary speaking over 100 Spanish words in only 5 short days.

Are you Ready For Spanish? Vamanos


Over the next 5 days I'll share my insider tips to help you become a better Spanish speaker.  You will kickstart your vocabulary as you are guided through simple Live Spanish lessons via our members only 5 Day Challenge Facebook Group.  Each day you will receive an interactive step by step Spanish lesson  to help you speak Spanish easier and faster than ever before.

No prior Spanish experience needed!


Hi.  I'm LeShawnda Fitzgerald Creator and Founder of Ready For Spanish.  I began learning Spanish in 7th grade.  I had a phenomenal teacher who made the language come alive.  She helped make learning Spanish so easy and fun for me.  I continued my Spanish studies through college where I received a bachelors degree in both Spanish and History.  I've lived and studied in Spain and South America.  I also have Master's degrees in Learning and Teaching as well as second language acquisition (TESOL).

I've been teaching Spanish in a fun and meaningful way for over 10 years and can't wait to meet you inside the Live Challenge!



Do I need prior language experience?

No this course is for beginning adult learners.  If you've never taken a Spanish class before then this challenge is perfect for you.  If you have at least 30 minutes to devote to studying Spanish each day, you will become a better Spanish speaker in only 5 short days.

What materials do I need?

All of the learning materials will be provided to you.  They will be delivered directly to your inbox.  Be sure to check your email shortly after signing up for a welcome message.  If you don't receive your materials be sure to check your spam folder and add info@onlinespanishchallenge.com to your safe list:)

Can I participate if I don't have Facebook?

Yes you can.  However, to get the most out of the challenge you'll want to join our members only facebook group.  The peeps in there are awesome.  It's a safe space to practice as well as get support and accountability.

Do I have to buy anything?

Yes there is a small registration fee to participate in the 5 Day Ready For Spanish challenge.  I will also make suggestions of products and materials that can help you achieve your Spanish language goals faster and easier, but these materials are not mandatory for you to participate.